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USAFG offers a wide variety of studs ranging from standard full thread studs ½ to 1 7/8 “ up to 12” lengths in various coatings stocked on our shelves, meeting your immediate delivery needs.

These are our import studs. STUDS for those quick turnaround –hot rush needs, let USA Fastener Group service you. Domestic studs are made per inquiry and allow for larger diameters and longer lengths. Our turn around for Domestic studs made to order can often be less than one week. 5-7 working days, depending on coating and materials. Check out our materials page and coating page.

Stocked in all thread rod cut to lengths diameters of 8-32 to 4” or M10 to M64 in various materials such as B7, L7, B16, B7M, L7M but not limited to.

Along with offering studs per your specifications or prints, keep in mind we offer many industry coatings, along with industry standard nuts, and we offer an internal assembly department for those studs that need to ship complete with Stud & Nut.

Please feel free to contact USA Fastener Group, Inc. at any time – sales information