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Hot Forging Fasteners

USAFG has added additional offerings to meet our customer needs. By adding a hot forging department we are able to provide fasteners to you that may be to large in diameter or too long in length for a cold heading operation. The addition of our forging department also allows a cost effective way to produce fasteners eliminating time and material waste in what would have been a full machined operation for us. Our internal goals for continuous improvement are to bring quality products at a fair market value to our dedicated customer base, while opening our capacity for growth. As a job shop we are not offering production volume parts. Our facility specializes in serving the customer’s small volume, quick turnaround, hot rush needs. USA Fastener continues to manufacture to industry standards, and material specification mandated by customer requirements or prints.

Our different work cells offer diameters of #10 to 1” up to 14 inches or diameters of 1” to 3” up to 48 inches in length. *Cut threads up to 9” in diameter and rolled threads up to 4” in diameter.

Send us your RFQ’s and let us assist you in your immediate needs for domestic fasteners.